SouthBeach Diet

In my previous blog post, I said that I would share my personal experience of what it took for me to get motivated to get in shape and to stick with it. A thousand times before, I have started and given up and each time I could not help but think “Where would I be now if I had stuck with it”? This past August I had the same feelings about how I was unhealthy and out of shape, but this time it was different. I was sitting with my dad and we were talking about the health factors of not being in shape and too often we have seen the people we love effected with heart attacks, diabetes, etc. My dad being the influential person who helped me stick with being healthy by making me realize it is always going to benefit me even if I don’t see results right away. I never really understood balancing out the carbs, fats and proteins or what my heart rate needed to be at so I never really knew how much of it was actually helping.

The SouthBeach Diet changed all of this for me. It gave me a lifestyle guide of how to get started, what to do when I got off track and what to do when I was traveling. It was not too much to read and the way the diet works made sense to me.  There are three phases on the diet and the best thing about it is there is an app on the iPhone that told me what to eat and what not to eat for each phase. This made it a million times easier for me when I am on the go, which is most of the time. Also this diet is realistic. It is made for cheating on the foods you crave and gives great alternative recipes that help fight the cravings.

The best motivation you can have is finding pictures of a REALISTIC body that you want. When you can’t remember why you are working so hard and not seeing results right away think about the picture and the body you could have if you stick with it! Also, the most important thing to remember is IT TAKES TIME! Lots of it. Seeing results does not really kick in until the end. When the only motivator of having a good body gets me discouraged because I do not see it I remember the health benefits. At least that is working right away and it keeps me going when I feel like quitting. Comment below and tell me what your motivating factors are that will be enough to get you healthy!


About nicolelawley

Hi, my name is Nicole Lawley. I am a creative and driven student at the University of Nevada-Reno studying Business Management and Marketing. I am passionate about helping others achieve living a fit and healthy lifestyle as well as fashion.
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