Work Out Using Your Body Weight

When I go to work out I expect to do a work out that is going to kick my butt, be achievable, make me sore and burn at least 500 calories. Most of the time, I run out of things to do as well as waste time while I am there trying to figure it out. As I have learned at FAST exercising is not all about using the machines even when you have mastered your own body weight. On the days you don’t like to use the machines here is a good alternative workout that you can use with equipment that most gyms have.

I usually begin with a warm up on the elliptical and then end with 30 minutes of cardio after I am done. This work out should be done in about 30 minutes and rotate each station when you are done with the reps. At the beginning, stay on each station for 2 minutes and 30 seconds, once you’ve been through them all stay on it for 1 minute and 30 seconds, then the third rotation down to 45 seconds. Get as many reps in as you can within these amounts of time.

You will need a BOSU ball, kettle bell, medicine ball, bands (small to go around your ankles), and a disc (small thing your feet go on to do double leg mountain climbers).

Begin at whichever station you like.

  • 10 kettle bell jump squats (don’t pull kettle bell up); 10 kettle bell squats without the jump (elbows should come above hands and kettle bell should touch the floor- keep your chest up!!)
  • Put band around your ankles and grab medicine ball: do 25 ball slams with a jump; 20 in-and- outs holding the medicine ball (jump with your feet in and out quickly)
  • BOSU ball: 20 burpees with no pushup; 5 pushups
  • One disc- turn sideways and put both feet on it: 25 two-legged mountain climbers; 5 pushups
  • After you have completed these get in an area you can do sprints: 10 speed burpees with 1 sprint down and back in between and repeat 5 times (for the first round). On the second round, cut down to 5 speed burpees with 1 sprint in between and do as many times as you can in the amount of time.

Remember, go at your own pace! If you can’t do this many reps go at what speed suits you best but don’t make it too easy! To know if you are pushing yourself at the right pace, wearing a heart rate monitor really helps. It tells you what your heart rate is at as well as how many calories you burn. Everybody’s target heart rate is different depending on their age; find out what yours is supposed to be at!

Comment below and let me know how this work out was for you!


About nicolelawley

Hi, my name is Nicole Lawley. I am a creative and driven student at the University of Nevada-Reno studying Business Management and Marketing. I am passionate about helping others achieve living a fit and healthy lifestyle as well as fashion.
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